Innovative Learning

One of our big focuses of Innovative Learning continues this year with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Chromebook or iPad for year 3-8 students. We have 60% of our students in years 3-8 bringing their own device to school - which everyone of these students has chosen is a Chromebook. We have enough Chromebooks provided by school for all our students in years 3-8 to use one when required. Students all have google accounts that give them access to their google drives, which is where they do their work online. Teachers use an online management tool called Hapara Dashboard to manage the students online work.
We also have a pod of iPads in each classroom for students to use. We use iPads to reinforce learning by completing activities on apps and we also use the iPads for creative purposes like making iTrailers, iMovies, Explain Everythings, ShowMes and Pic Collages. iPads can be used for education app games as well.

The further students move up the school, the more they use their devices for their work. We are committed at Waiwera South School to prepare our students for the 21st Century in Education and beyond. The use of devices for learning plays a major part in this, with all the high schools we feed into requiring students to take a device with them when they go.

We have been using devices one to one for two years now with our students from years 3-8. Engagement has certainly increased and we have had a lift in student achievement, which technology attributes to. Our teachers are extremely innovative with students having lots of involvement in their learning identifying what they need to learn and where they need to go next.

Our classrooms are also set up as innovative environments for the students to learn in. There is a range of furniture in each of the classrooms including individual desks, collaborative desks, bean bags, leaners, couches, ottomans, chairs and keavers for the students to learn at. Our students are allowed to work anywhere they like in the classroom setting, with also being allowed to work outside classrooms in our awesome outside environment, when the weather allows.

We get lots of visits from principals and teachers of other schools to see how our school operates in regards to innovative learning. These people always leave here excited by what they see both students and staff doing.

Every year we have at least one open morning, welcoming our families and community members into our school setting to see how innovative learning is carried out at our school.

Click on the PDF below to see how Innovative Learning Environments work at Waiwera South School. 

Innovative Learning Presentation - 2017